Ken Shadie TV & Screenwriter
"Well, you can live on it, but it taste like ****."
Michael J. Dundee : Crocodile Dundee
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   Ken at work.
Ken Shadie TV & Screenwriter
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Ken writes for a new medium
Ken working at Channel 7 in the early days of TV
Mavis Bramston Show
Ken with Carol Raye &
David Cahill 1965
Jerry Lewis at the Chevron Hotel Sydney
Ken produced this show for Jerry at the Chevron 1971
The Paul Hogan Show - England Specials
Ken with Hoges as the "Executioner"

Ken with someone who looks familiar??

Crocodile Dundee Northern Territory Scouting Trip
Ken with Paul checking out locations prior to writing the first draft
Checking out the Katherine River

Katherine River

Paul checking out a billabong
Some Territory road obstacles!
Academy Awards
Ken receiving his certificate of nomination for "Best Original Screenplay" from Academy President Robert Wise 1986
The certificate of nomination for "Best Original Screenplay"
59th Academy Award Nominees

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